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Welcome!  Here's where you'll find all of the latest news about our company - new product releases, tradeshows, presentations, and company growth.

August, 2022
A new HF driver, the RFM1.5-30-30-HSD, is available, replacing our RFM1.5-30-25-HSD.  The new driver features greater P1dB, improved linearity, and nearly ruler flat gain.  It offers a high speed output bias disable time of <1μsec, as well as temperature monitoring, a high temperature alarm, and a VVA for gain control.  

February, 2022
A new high power VHF pulse amplifier is now available, the RFP140-180-450XR-P.  This new amplifier is designed specifically for VHF radar applications, and is rated for long pulses up to 1msec at 20% duty cycle.  Frequency response, as well as maximum pulse length and duty cycle, can be modified for a customer's specific requirements.  Contact us to learn more.

July, 2020
Two new high power HF amplifiers are now available, the RFM1.6-30-500XR and RFP1.6-30-500XR.  These new amplifiers replace their respective 2-30MHz counterparts, and offer increased bandwidth, and improved gain flatness, linearity, and P1dB.

January, 2020

RFMPT recorded another year of greater than 100% growth.  Our business has more than doubled each year for the past two years.  Thank you to all of our great customers for making this happen!

February, 2019
Six new XR-rated high gain pallet amplifiers are now available, serving the military HF communications and ISM markets.  Rated at 100W and 150W CW, these new amplifiers fill the void between our popular 25W Class A and 50W Class A/AB amplifiers, and our high power 400W and 1kW output power amplifiers.  While now only available in pallet form, for large enough opportunities, they can be supplied in module form, and/or tuned for narrow or broadband operation to 400MHz and beyond.  Datasheets for the new amplifiers can be found on our XR Series, RF Energy, and Pallet Amplifiers web pages.

June, 2018
Five new high gain pallet amplifiers are now available serving the ISM and broadband HF markets.  A 35W Class A 1.5-30MHz amplifier, as well as a 100W Class A/AB 1.5-30MHz amplifier, can be found on our Pallet Amplifiers page.  Datasheets for our new 100W 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz and 40.68MHz amplifiers can be found on our Pallet Amplifiers and RF Energy web pages.

August, 2017

The first two models of our new RF generator product line have been released.  Featuring internal VCOs and VVAs, they offer variable frequency drive and over 30dB of output power control.  All models feature an XR-rated output transistor for maximum ruggedness into mismatched loads, and a high speed disable control line for protection in the event of a system fault.  Datasheets for currently available and soon to be released models can be found on our new RF Generators web page.

August, 2017

Seven new broadband 350W amplifier modules have been released.  Primarily intended for military communications applications, they are suited equally well for emergency services and commercial communications, as well as broadcast applications.  All feature outstanding gain flatness, 350W CW linear output power, high speed disable, numerous control and monitoring functions, and 0dBm input power requirements.  Our new flagship amplifier, the RFM20-512-350-HSD, is featured in Microwaves and RF (https://www.mwrf.com/components/linear-amplifier-module-powers-20-512-mhz).  Datasheets can be found on our Military Amplifiers and Amplifier Modules web pages.

July, 2017

RFMPT is now registered in SAM, the U.S. Government's System for Awards Management, and is eligible to receive federal contracts.  For registration details, please search for "RF and Microwave Power Technology, LLC" on www.sam.gov.

June, 2017
Eight new high power broadband and single frequency pallet amplifiers from 27.12MHz to 230MHz have just been released.  They are rated for 350W to 400W CW, and all include drivers for 0dBm input capability.  All incorporate XR-rated output stages for dependable mismatched load drive capability.  Datasheets can be found on our Military Amplifiers, Pallet Amplifiers, RF Energy and XR Series Amplifiers web pages.

August, 2016

Twelve more amplifiers have just been released.  They are available in 100-500MHz, 225-400MHz, 170-230MHz and 118-142MHz frequency ranges.  Multiple configurations are available including modules and pallets, military and commercial, 50W and 100W, Class A and mixed Class A/AB amplifiers.  All of the new amplifiers are based on an ultra-broadband platform exhibiting excellent gain flatness, and use a conservatively rated output transistor for optimized performance and maximum ruggedness.  Datasheets can be found on our Military Amplifiers, Amplifier Modules, and Pallet Amplifiers web pages.

August, 2016
Four new high performance 20-512MHz amplifier modules have been released.  They include Class A 50W and Class A/AB 100W CW amplifiers in both military and commercial versions.  The military versions feature high speed output disable (<1usec) and independent MMIC disable control lines, as well as VVA control, high temp alarm, and analog temp out.  Datasheets can be found on our Military Amplifiers and Amplifier Modules webpages.

The first of our new line of LNAs, a 15dBm 10-1200MHz amplifier with a typical NF of 2.4dB, has also been released.  Its datasheet can be found on our new SATCOM / LNA webpage.

July, 2016

RFMPT welcomes Radiosound as our exclusive representative in India.  Radiosound was established in 1950, and supports numerous markets including military, aeronautics, space, telecom and atomic energy.  With a large dedicated sales force, they are well prepared to service customers' component and subsystem needs in the 100kHz to 300GHz frequency range.

May, 2016
The RFM30-512-20-HSD 20W Class A amplifier module with high speed disable (<1usec) has been released.  This complements our previously released 1.5-30MHz 25W Class A amplifier module, which also has high speed disable and numerous interface and control features.  Both modules utilize all gold metallized MOSFETs for maximum ruggedness in military operation.

RFMPT is now seeking qualified assemblers to be part of our exciting growth.  Please visit our new Employment webpage for details.

March, 2016
A new military amplifier module, the RFM1.5-30-25, has been released, and a new Military Amplifiers webpage has been added to our website.  The RFM1.5-30-25 extends the frequency range of our RFP2-30-25 amplifier, and adds numerous special functions and monitoring capabilities.  It incorporates high speed output disable, with less than a 1usec response time.  All of our existing 25W and 50W HF and VHF pallet amplifiers can be supplied in this format.

March, 2016
RFMPT welcomes Bob Todd as our Director of New Business Development.  Bob is a seasoned RF professional with over 30 years of experience in the RF power industry selling power transistors, power amplifiers, amplifier systems, and related components.  He has an extensive and successful background in sales, marketing, customer service, and quality assurance with companies such as Varian Associates, Ericsson Power Products, and Power Module Technology.  Welcome aboard Bob! 

January, 2016
We've expanded our production group!  Due to heightened demand for our popular RFM2-30-500XR and RFP27.12-1000XR amplifiers, as seen in Microwaves & RF (http://mwrf.com/components/modular-amps-bring-high-hf-power-levels) we've increased our production capabilities.  With some of the finest assemblers in the business, we're well-positioned to deliver high performance amplifiers with short lead times.

December, 2015
A new high power HF amplifier module, the RFM2-30-500XR, has been released.  It shares the same excellent performance of its pallet amplifier equivalent, the RFP2-30-500XR.  It is designed specifically for high power HF military communication system integrators, and utilizes an XR-rated transistor for unsurpassed performance and ruggedness.

November, 2015
Another custom amplifier, the RFPC135-175-150, has been added to our Custom Amplifiers page.  This amplifier was designed specifically for production testing of a customer's products.  Contact us to discuss your special requirements.

October, 2015
A Custom Amplifiers page has been added to our website, showcasing a small portion of our custom and semi-custom amplifier design capabilities.

September, 2015

RFMPT welcomes Val Jackson and Associates as our Pacific Northwest U.S. representative.  Val Jackson and Associates specializes in value added high performance RF/Microwave and millimeter wave components, subsystems and supporting services. Their unique applications support capabilities include standalone components to full subsystems, from 100kHz to over 300GHz.

August, 2015
Two high power amplifiers are released.  The RFP2-30-500XR is a linear amplifier covering the 2-30MHz communications band and is rated at 500W CW.  The  RFP27.12-1000XR is a high efficiency 1kW 27.12MHz ISM amplifier.  Both utilize extra rugged (XR) transistors, and are engineered for high performance and long-term reliability.  Large scale system integrators now have the ability to build very high power density systems with increased efficiency, and improved ruggedness into mismatched loads.

August, 2015
The Mini-System product line is now available.  Sixteen pallet amplifiers and amplifier modules are now offered as Mini-System amplifiers with built-in heatsink, DC power supply, fan and thermal protection.  All have a universal AC input voltage range and are excellent for laboratory, system development, production testing and other low to medium power RF applications.

July, 2015

RFMPT welcomes Devon Marketing Company as our Northeast U.S. representative.  Devon Marketing Company specializes in high-end military component and subsystem sourcing, focused primarily on RF/microwave amplifiers and custom military AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power supplies, with special emphasis on UAV and EW ground and airborne communication systems. 

July, 2015

Four more pallet amplifiers are released covering the 88 to 108MHz and 170 to 230MHz bands.  These amplifiers primarily serve the TV and radio broadcast markets, both analog and digital.  High performance Class A 25W drivers are available, as well as 50W Class A/AB amplifiers.

June, 2015

New product releases include numerous broadband driver level amplifiers from 30-88MHz, as well as two new 50W ISM drivers at 40.68 and 81.36MHz.  These products target the military communications, TV and radio broadcast, and RF energy markets.

May, 2015

Seven new pallet amplifier and amplifier modules are released.  Ultra-broadband linear amplifier modules from 0.1 to 525MHz target several military, commercial and scientific markets, while broadband 2 to 30MHz pallet amplifiers serve the military communications and general HF markets.  Two ISM pallet drivers for RF energy applications are released as well, for 13.56 and 27.12MHz operation.

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